1912 Results

From “The Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia, 1858 – 1937”, compiled by Louis Heiland, Secretary

Senior Four-Oared Shells Without Coxswain
Vesper Boat Club University Barge Club
Bow – Charles H. Hagerty
2 – Frederick G. Lehm
3 – Frank Muller
Stroke – John B. Kelly
Bow – A.J. Henry
2 – Lawrence Johnson, Jr.
3 – Russsel Thayer, Jr.
Stroke – E. F. Hoffman, Jr.
Won 6.58 2/5 2nd 6.59 1/5

This race was won by Vesper in a garrison finish after being led by University Barge for practically the whole course.  At the head of the Island the University crew was leading by a length and it looked like a sure victory.  Suddenly the University crew commenced to swerve out of its course and steer over to the east bank of the river.  This lost them a lot of their lead and the Vesper crew slugged harder than ever and flashed over the line a winner by only one and one-fifth seconds.  Hoffman, the stroke of the University crew, collapsed as soon as the finish line was reached.

Senior Single Shells
Crescent Boat Club West Philadelphia Boat Club Undine Barge Club Vesper Boat Club
Stanley B. Furstenau George W. Allison Yates Hickey S.F. Gordon
Won 7.46 2nd 7.53 2/5 3rd No finish
Junior Double Shells
Crescent Boat Club Vesper Boat Club Undine Barge Club Malta Boat Club
Bow – J.L. Evans
Stroke – Charles H. Elliott
Bow – Willaim F. Bowman
Stroke – William A. Bond
Bow – Elwood Sievers
Stroke – J. Donald Stone
Bow – Lewis H. Kenney
Stroke – M. S. Berry
Won 7.42 2nd 7.48 3rd 4th

Until almost the finish line was reached Crescent was hard pressed by Vesper but won with three lengths to the good.

Junior Single Shells
Philadelphia Barge Club Vesper Boat Club Undine Barge Club Pennsylvania Barge Club
Samuel S. Herman Karl A. Graef Harold E. Brown Paul Girard
Won 7.51 2/5 2nd 8.00 3/5 3rd 4th

Herman won in easy fashion by about six lengths.  Brown, of Undine, was entirely outclassed, being about an eighth of a mile in the rear.

Senior Pair-Oared Shells without Coxswains
Vesper Boat Club Malta Boat Club Undine Barge Club West Philadelphia Boat Club
Bow – Frank Muller
Stroke – John B. Kely
Bow – G. Malone
Stroke – S. N. Drew
Bow – William J. Macfarlane
Stroke – Adolph Woll, Jr.
Bow – John Doyle
Stroke – Herbert Litzenberg
Won 7.46 3/5 2nd 7.47 1/5 3rd 4th

Proved a bruising race from start to finish and was decided only in the last few strokes.  Vesper snatched victory from Malta, who had a good lead at the head of the stand.  Just after the start of the race the Vesper pair went out of their course and the Referee threatened to disqualify them if they did not go where they belonged.  This caused the Vesper pair to steer from the first arch of the Trolley Bridge, where they were heading for, through the second arch and in so doing they lost o lot of water.  From the Trolley Bridge Vesper rowed a stern chase and in the last twenty strokes put on such a spurt that they managed to nose out the Malta crew by a few feet.  The Undine crew was never a strong contender for first honors.

Senior Double Shells
Vesper Boat Club West Philadelphia Boat Club
Bow – G. W. Engle
Stroke – S. F. Gordon
Bow – John Doyle
Stroke – George W. Allison
Won 7.20 2nd 7.24 2/5

For Vesper, the champion double of the United States, Gordon and Engle, bore the Maroon and Grey to a well-earned victory, winning by a full length.

Junior Four-Oared Gigs
Quaker City Barge Club Vesper Boat Club Malta Boat Club Crescent Boat Club Undine Barge Club
Bow – Matthew Scarlett
2 – Harold Speidel
3 – Philip Dickert
Stroke – Louis P. Knecht
Coxswain – Harry S. Delaney
Bow – A. J. Schell
2 – M. V. Felix
3 – J. T. Fiedler
Stroke – E. J. McCrossen
Coxswain – William Brown
Bow – G. N. Geuting
2 – F. T. Clayton
3 – H. L. Hartline
Stroke – R. Lippincott
Coxswain – R. Hookey
Bow – G. I. Purnell
2 – E. Graef
3 – J. G. Rayne
Stroke – F. D. McKay
Coxswain – W. E. White
Bow – William E. Chickering
2 – E. Rowland Boswell
3 – Dr. W. B. G. Terry
Stroke – Anthony G. Felix
Coxswain – William G. Keyser
Won 7.32 2nd 7.33 1/5 3rd 4th 5th

The Quaker City had the only fresh crew, the others having raced earlier in the day.  The five crews got off to a good start and down the course they came, Vesper and Quaker City well together, Malta and Undine close bunched in back about half a length and Crescent in the rear.  The race soon resolved into a struggle between Vesper and Quaker City for first honors.  Ten after ten was called for and both crews responded but the Quaker City crew always managed to keep one stroke ahead and they finished only a few feet to the good.  Nearing the finish Crescent crept up and nosed Undine out of fourth place.

Junior Quadruple Shells
Malta Boat Club Pennsylvania Barge Club Vesper Boat Club
Bow – A. B. Waters2 – M. S. Berry3 – R. E. ShellcopeStroke – W. A. Geuting Bow – L. Quinn2 – P. Girard3 – F. KellyStroke – Boyd Magee Bow – William F. Bowman2 – Willaim A. Bond3 – Karl A. GraefStroke – Willaim T. McCreary
Won 6.58 2nd 7.03 1/5 3rd

This race proved an easy win for Malta who rowed in splendid form and although Pennsylvania Barge spurted a number of times, they were never able to cut down the lead of the flying Malta shell which finished leading by three lengths, with Vesper one length behind Pennsylvania Barge.

Junior Eight-Oared Shells
Malta Boat Club Crescent Boat Club Undine Barge Club Vesper Boat Club
Bow – J. H. Zahn
2 – F. D. Dagit
3 – H. A. Reed
4 – T. Roy McMaster
5 – George N. Geuting
6 – F. T. Clayton
7 – H. L. Hartline
Stroke – R. Lippincott
Coxswain – R. Hookey
Bow – S. Snyder
2 – R. Turner
3 – H. Cunningham
4 – W. H. Stephenson
5 – G. I. Purnell
6 – E. Graef
7 – J. G. Rayne
Stroke – F. D. McKay
Coxswain – D. McD. Bruner
Bow – Andrew C. Borzner
2 – Dayton P. Clark
3 – R. Emerson Ayars
4 – William E. Chickering
5 – J. Grey Emmons
6 – Dr. W. B. G. Terry
7 – E. Rowland Boswell
Stroke – Anthony G. Felix
Coxswain – William G. Keyser
Bow – C. A. Young
2 – J. S. Kastner
3 – A. D. Blose
4 – G. E. Berkenstock
5 – A. J. Schell
6 – N. V. Felix
7 – J. T. Fiedler
Stroke – E. J. McCrossen
Coxswain – E. C. Koch
Won 6.42 2nd 6.42 4/5 3rd 4th

The Crescent men on Peters Island were almost besides themselves with joy, as Crescent and Malta approached on almost even terms.  Crescent, however, reckoned without the Malta spirit, which never says die.  Coxswain Hookey called for a spurt and Stroke Lippincott hit it up, and the crew, rowing like a machine, backed him to a man.  Nearer and nearer the finish line was approached and slowly but surely the Malta crew closed up, the sharp prow of the Malta shell passing the Crescent men one after the other and over the line the two crews went., Malta winning by about four feet.  Undine came in third, about a half length in the rear of Crescent and Vesper the same length astern of Undine.


Point Score
Vesper 22
Malta 13
Crescent 12
Philadelphia Barge 5
Quaker City 5
West Philadelphia 4
Undine 3
University Barge 2
Pennsylvania Barge 2