1913 Results

From “The Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia, 1858 – 1937”, compiled by Louis Heiland, Secretary

Junior Single Sculls
Philadelphia Barge Club Malta Boat Club Undine Barge Club Vesper Boat Club
Walton Clark, Jr. Walter M. Campbell Anthony G. Felix William A. Bond
Won, 7.54 3/5 2nd, 8.08 3rd No finish

Clark, who formerly pitched on both the Princeton and Pennsylvania nines, showed that he possessed the versatility as an athlete, when he left the field six lengths behind.

Senior Four-Oared Shells without Coxswain
Vesper Boat Club University Barge Club
Bow – Frank Muller2 – Fred Lehm3 – Walter L. Smith

Stroke – John B. Kelley

Bow – A. J. Henry2 – R. T. Nalle3 – R. Thayer

Stroke – Edward Hoffman

Won 6.53 2nd 6.53 3/5

Vesper was returned a victor after a most grueling finish, winning in the last furlong by about three feet.  The pace was so hot that stroke Hoffman, of the vanquished crew, collapsed after his crew reached the finishing line.

Junior Centipedes
Quaker City Barge Club Malta Boat CLub
Bow – Matthew Scarlett2 – Harold Speidel3 – Carl Dickert

Stroke – Louis P. Knecht

Bow – Lewis H. Kenney2 – A. S. Corson3 – W. H. Graver

Stroke – F. T. Clayton

Won 7.03 2/5 2nd 7.16


Junior Eight-Oared Shells
Vesper Boat Club Malta Boat Club Crescent Boat Club Philadelphia Barge Club West Philadelphia Boat Club
Bow – William A. Auer2 – Evans H. Griffith3 – Walter Kenkinson

4 – Charles Barth

5 – Henry C. Schroeder

6 – Albert S. Schell

7 – Thomas Byrne

Stroke – Edward J. McCrossen

Coxswain – E. C. Koch

Bow – W. E. Hammitt2 – H. H. Steel3 – C. G. Shafer

4 – J. Coyle

5 – S. Barnes

6 – W. F. Brogan

7 – R. L. Schening

Stroke – H. E. H. Cox

Coxswain – R. Hookey

Bow – Stevenson2 – Downes3 – Schenk

4 – Woerwag

5 – Schwartz

6 – A. MacDonald

7 – MacKay

Stroke – B. MacDonald

Coxswain – Witte

Bow – W. K. Carter2 – H. C. Devlin3 – W. F. Haase

4 – C. A. Smith

5 – P. C. Kelly

6 – S. G. Mollard

7 – H. J. McCarty

Stroke – G. H. Davis

Coxswain – Leon P. Thomas

Bow – T. L. Carson2 – W. H. Dunn3 – T. M. Hogan

4 – W. McInerney

5 – W. Anderson

6 – G. W. Oestreich

7 – J. Schmitt

Stroke – W. H. Kirkpatrick

Coxswain – J. H. Martin

Won 6.45 3/5 2nd 6.46 3rd 4th 5th

This race afforded one of the most thrilling finishes ever witnessed on the Schuylkill.  At the Trolley Bridge all the boats were together, not any of the crews having an advantage over the others. When the crews reached the half mile mark Malta had the lead by almost half a length, followed by Vesper and Crescent.  As the call of the Coxswain, Vesper quickened it stroke, gaining on Malta inch by inch, but it appeared as if they would be unable to catch them before crossing the line, as they had also quickened their stroke when called upon by their Coxswain, but about two hundred yards from the finish, Brogan, rowing six for Malta, caught a crab, and before the disconcerted Malta crew could get working properly, Vesper had overcome the lead and finished first with a bare yard to spare.  In this race, Griffith, No. 2 for Vesper, broke his seat a quarter of a mile after the race started and he had to finish sitting in the bottom of the boat.

Senior Single Shells
Vesper Boat Club West Philadelphia Boat Club
John B. Kelly George W. Allison
Won 7.40 2/5 7.46

This race was a walk-over, as Allison was no match for Kelly.

Senior Double Shells
Vesper Boat Club Undine Barge Club
Bow – George W. EngleStroke – Dr. Samuel F. Gordon Bow – Harold E. BrownStroke – Yates Hickey
Won 7.23 3/5 2nd 7.34


Junior Double Shells
Philadelphia Barge Club Undine Barge Club Malta Boat Club Vesper Boat Club Pennsylvania Barge Club West Philadelphia Boat Club Crescent Boat Club
Bow – Walton Clark, Jr.Stroke – F. L. Ballard Bow – Dayton P. ClarkStroke – John S. Lentz, Jr. Bow – Walter M. CambellStroke – Elmer R. Alberger Bow – John L. SevernStroke – William A. Bond Bow – E. R. BeathStroke – R. L. Quinn Bow – L. B. WhitbyStroke – W. McCormick Bow – ShockorStroke – Goebel
Won 7.11 3/5 2nd 7.16 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th


Senior Pair-oared Shells without Coxswain
Vesper Boat Club Malta Boat Club
Bow – Frank MullerStroke – John B. Kelly Bow – Granville MaloneStroke – S. M. Drew
Won 7.42 2/5 2nd 7.45


Juniior Four-oared Gigs
Pennsylvania Barge Club Malta Boat Club Undine Barge Club Vesper Boat Club Crescent Boat Club
Bow – William F. Haase2 –  Charles A. Smith3 – Henry J. McCarthy

Stroke – Granville H. Davis

Coxswain – Leon P. Thomas



Bow – W. E. Hammil2 – W. F. Brogan3 – R. L. Schening

Stroke – H. E. H. Cox

Coxswain – W. G. McEwan, Jr.

Bow – R. Emerson Ayars2 – Matthias G. Lukens3 – Dr. W. B. G. Terry

Stroke – Harry R. Reiger

Coxswain – J. Garre Garretson

Bow – Thomas Byrne2 – Albert S. Schell3 – Henry C. Schroeder

Stroke – Edward M. McCrossan

Coxswain – E. C. Koch

Bow – Snyder2 – Turner3 – Graef

Stroke – Thompson

Coxswain – William H. Bartley

Won 7.35 2nd 7.35 2/5 3rd 4th 5th

So close was the finish that it was impossible to pick the winner, and the Judges declared it a dead heat.  In the row-off between Pennsylvania Barge and Malta another great race resulted.  Until the last quarter mile both crews were practically on even terms and when they commenced hitting it up Pennsylvania Barge showed it had a trifle more stamina than Malta, winning by about two feet, the result being in doubt until the last few strokes.

Senior Eight-oared Shells
Undine Barge Club Vesper Boat Club
Bow – J. Frederick Waters2 – Edward G. Shmidheiser3 – J. Grey Emmons

4 – E. Rowland Boswell

5 – Harry S. Ross

6 – Harold Lichten

7 – Adolph Woll, Jr.

Stroke – William Macfarlane

Coxswain – William G. Keyser

Bow – Robert Schell2 – Willaim T. McCreary3 – Charles H. Hagerty

4 – Dr. Samuel F. Gordon

5 – Frank Muller

6 – Karl F. Graef

7 – Walter L. Smith

Stroke – Frederick Lehm

Coxswain – E. C. Koch

Won 6.36 2/5 2nd 6.37

One of the surprises of the afternoon. Until the last hundred yards both crews were rowing stroke for stroke, neither having any advantage, and when the call came for quicker strokes both crews responded, first one leading by inches and then the other, but in the final few strokes Undine quickened and had just about enough at the finish to be declared a winner.

Point Score
Vesper 25
Malta 11
Philadelphia Barge 10
Undine 6
Quaker City 5
Pennsylvania Barge 5
University 2
West Philadelphia 2
Crescent 1